Rybí restaurace Šupina a Šupinka, apartmány

Owner´s word

We would like to invite you to our Šupina and Šupinka restaurants. Please feel free to come and enjoy the extraordinary experience.

The region of Třeboň evokes beautiful south Bohemian countryside full of meadows in blossom, scented with and full of life of growing forests, beneficial peatlands and ponds teeming with the most various species of freshwater fish in minds.   We believe we are still able to perceive our environment through our all senses fully and entirely. Our hearts and the philosophy of our restaurants deeply reflect this piece of the South Bohemian countryside and love to it. Enjoy the region of Třeboň through all senses! No matter if you are served “carnivorous” pike being pleasing to the eye, “elegant” zander with herbs prepared on our lava grill smelling charmingly or “mysterious” eel tasting delicious ...

Continuing with more than 20 years of tradition and experience, we are now the second generation of the Müllers to run the family business. We pride ourselves on our friendly approach to our guests and we feel highly obliged if all our guests are satisfied in our restaurant.

We believe that everybody has his/ her own “scale” bringing good luck ...

We look forward to seeing you at Šupina and Šupinka restaurants, enjoy your meal!

Podpis - Petr Müller, Pavel Müller
Petr Müller                                              Pavel Müller

We would appreciate your comments on your experience at our family restaurant.