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Grass carp

Drawing © Radek Doško

  • Latin name: Ctenopharyngodon idella - Valenciennes
  • Slovak: Amur biely
  • English: Grass carp
  • German: Grasskarpfen
  • sort: Cypriniformes
  • family: Cyprinidae
  • feed: omnivore
  • life span: 15 years
  • sexual maturity: 3 - 11 years
  • reproduction: artificial spawning
  • common size: 50-80 cm, 2-7 kg
  • maximum: 150 cm, 50 kg
Grass carp is establishing in our country.  However, it has become popular with sport fishermen who find it an attractive and strong fighter more quickly.

It is not an indigenous species to the Czech Republic but it was introduced from the former USSR for the purpose of increasing the production of carp ponds.  The idea of adding a species feeding on rougher vegetation and the other one feeding on plentiful planktonic algae (silver carp) in order to use the capacity of the ponds better has proved to be right and both species have been residing not only in the production waters but they have found their way into sport fisheries, too.

The grass carp originated in the Amur basin in East Asia, China and Russia.

It was introduced to our country into the region of Třeboň in 1961 first and then in 1964 and 1965. It started to be stocked into wild waters in the 1970s.

It has adapted especially to the warmer parts of our country, however, no natural spawning has been observed and therefore its survival is fully dependent on artificial spawning.

It is remarkable that, of our species, it is the rudd feeding on similar feed, however, not resembling its relative from the Far East very much that is closely allied to the grass carp.

You can find more information at www.mrk.cz Section ‘Fish Encyclopaedia’.