ŠUP loyalty card


ŠUP card

How is ŠUP loyalty card working? How can you get it?

Membership and its benefits

ŠUP loyalty card is for seriously regular customers, who exploit our services regularly. We would like to please you for your loyalty, so we offer you option to get our membership card. We appreciate your loyalty, so you can purchrase our loyalty card and use it for Restaurants and also acommodation in our Šupina Apartments. You can purchrase your card in Šupina restaurant or contact the manager on manager@supina.cz in advance and he will make you your card. You will be asked to fill us few informations about yourself. Once you get your card, you can use your 5% discount immediatelly. We will register your expenses at our restaurant and the moment you cross 20000CZK spent in our restaurant, you have 10% discount on your card and that even for acommodation. Your discount will be same at the restaurant and the apartments. Bigger discount is affected just by restaurant expenses.


The only condition to get discount for acommodation is to make your reservation directly through our reservation system or at info@supina.cz . Discounts cannot be added to any other discounts or last-minute prizes.

Discount is not related to an event "Ryba domů"

We do not recommend to have your card nearby your phone or tablet or any other electronic devices.


Conditions for getting your discount:

  • you are required to have your loyalty card always with you in the apartments or restaurant
  • inform our staff about your loyalty card in advance
  • show us your card before your order or at check-in to the apartments
  • it is not possible to give you your disctount once the check is already printed!

Lost your card or damaged?

If you lost your card or its damaged, please inform us immediatelly. We will block your card and prepare you new one. Contact us monday to friday from 9am till 5pm at manager@supina.cz or inform our staff at the restaurant.

We look forward for you!

Team of restaurant Šupina, Šupinka a apartments Šupina