Rybí restaurace Šupina a Šupinka, apartmány

V.I.P. club

Get the benefits of loyalty cards and get a discount which you define!

Only regular guest at the Šupina and Šupinka restaurants can get a VIP card. Each VIP card is present to a 10% discount on any meal and drink at the restaurants and on accomodation at the Šupina Suites.

Your discount can incerase!

You will get higher discount 12.5%, if you spend more than CZK 5,000 per month you spend CZK 7,000 monthly, you will reach the 15% discount. The next stage is 17.5% off CZK 9,000 monthly. The last and greatest CZK 11,000 every month.

Your spending will be monitored in three consecutive months. For example, if  you spend CZK 5,000 in the first month, CZK 9,000 in the second month and  CZK 6,000 in the third month,  your discount at the  Šupina and Šupinka restaurants will be 15%.

Our cash system INES follows the set rules; admittedly, it is fair, but  uncompromising! So do not worry if you get back to a lower discount limit, just come to the  Šupina and Šupinka restaurants more often.


 We are happy to answer your questions at the e-mail address: office@supina.cz