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Drawing © Radek Doško

  • Latin name: Tinca tinca
  • Slovak: Lieň obyčajný
  • English: Tench
  • German: Schleie
  • sort: Cypriniformes
  • family: Cyprinidae
  • feed: omnivore
  • life span: 10 years
  • sexual maturity: 3rd to 4th year
  • reproduction: May - August
  • common size: 20-35 cm
  • maximum: 60cm

There are not usually various fish species in still waters with abundant vegetation. We could hardly find a more typical species of our few indigenous fish species seeking such environment than tench.

It resides in waters with rich aquatic vegetation; because it is stocked it can tolerate a wide range of environmental conditions, however, it prefers shallow warm waters with vegetation.

Like all cyprindis, the tench has seven rounded fins and crushing teeth and is omnivorous preferring small animals.  The mouth is provided with a pair of very small barbells.  It is not a problem to identify a tench even for a non-fisherman and it cannot be mixed up with any other species because of its green flanks, gentle deeply-imbedded scales and sad orange-red eyes.

Sport fishermen like it because of its beauty, charm and meat that is considered very tasty. It does not grow to significant large sizes, which devaluates the tench for those fishermen having the need to boast of big catches.

You can find more information at www.mrk.cz Section ‘Fish Encyclopaedia’.