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Drawing © Radek Doško

  • Latin name: Esox lucius
  • Slovak: Šťuka obyčajná
  • English: Pike, Northern Pike in the U.S.
  • German: Hecht
  • colloquially: teethy
  • sort: Clupeiformes
  • family: Esocidae
  • feed: predator
  • life span: 15 years
  • sexual maturity: 2nd year
  • reproduction: March - April
  • common size: 40-70 cm
  • maximum: more than 140 cm

The pike is undoubtedly the best known carnivorous freshwater fish in Europe.

The reason is it can be found in many habitats as it can tolerate a wide range of environmental conditions – it is distributed in trout streams, pools, ponds, lowland rivers and reservoirs and brackish waters of fresh-watered bays.

Apart from Europe, it can be found in Asia and North America. It is a rapidly-growing predator hunting for relatively big prey with respect to its size.

Because it grows to relatively big sizes and it has not escaped the attention of sport fishermen among which you can find those specializing only in fishing for this species.

It is nearly impossible to mistake the pike with other fish.

The green colour with the zigzag intricate pattern of spots, tail and dorsal fins moved nearly to the tail and predominately large mouth full of sharp teeth are the inherent features of this fish which sport fishermen often informally call „the theethy“.

The pike is fished and farmed a lot. The stocking rate of the pike in many sport fisheries is, however, dependent on artificial stocking as the conditions for natural spawning are not very suitable everywhere and because pike are fished a lot.

You can find more information at www.mrk.cz Section ‘Fish Encyclopaedia’.