Rybí restaurace Šupina a Šupinka, apartmány

restaurace šupina restaurace Šupina

Šupina Restaurant


  • inside - 25 seats
  • outside - 45 seats
  • lounge - up to 30 seats


  • Monday - Sunday: 11.00 a.m. - 10.00 p.m.


Back in 1993, the operation of this restaurant started and since then we have been offering a pleasant and sophisticated atmosphere, professional waiting staff and, of course extraordinary gourmand experience to our quests.

There is a non-smoking and air-conditioned dining room available. However, in summer, our guests can be seated on the adjoining terrace.

Our cooks prepare various meat delacacies but mainly dishes prepared from fresh-water fishes of the region of Třeboň. The following are some of the fishes we can prepare for our guests according to the proven recipes: Zander, pike, catfish, eel, grass carp, rainbow trout, perch and of course, Třeboň carp. 

A part of the Šupina Restaurant is the cosy  Šupina Lounge, a non-smoking dining room, which can be used for various events.